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​What's New

New product introduction

​①ReFace high-performance resin material

ペット用 防水 高機能 畳

​② Flooring style Tatami


​③ Smile Leather

ペット用 防水 高機能 畳

In addition to excellent durability (weather resistance) and water resistance, it also has breathability. It is partially waterproof and can be used around water (Grace Aqua).

It has passed the C, S, and RD recommended slip ratings for small dogs, and is water resistant, so it is recommended for people with pets.

​1 Tatami surface replacement: 12350 yen tax not included

Turn tatami mats into flooring. For those who have thought about it!

You can easily make flooring!

After a few years, even if you think that the tatami mats are the same, you can replace the surface of the tatami mats without spending a lot of time and money!

New tatami replacement set price for 6 tatami mats:100,000 yen + tax (excluding disposal)

Synthetic leather that is friendly to people and pets.

Formulated with antibacterial and antifungal agent "Kokin Master". Demonstrates a growth inhibitory effect against bacteria and mold.

​​1 Tatami replacement: 13390 yen tax not included

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