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​type of tatami

天然畳表 畳替え

​Natural tatami mat

No matter what, the scent of rush is good!

In addition, there are research results that it has humidity control and air purification functions and improves concentration.

​Japanese paper/resin surface

Fade-resistant and durable

Water resistant and easy to clean

Antibacterially processed, mites and mold are less likely to occur

Abundant color variations

​ It's a pity that there is no rush smell.

ダイケン和紙表 畳替え
セキスイ樹脂表 畳替え
縁ナシ半畳 琉球畳 市松敷
縁ナシ半畳畳 琉球畳 市松敷
縁ナシ半畳畳 琉球畳

​ edge pear tatami

Borderless tatami commonly known as Ryukyu tatami

(Strictly speaking, it is different from Ryukyu tatami.)

​Compared to a one-mat room, it has a more modern feel.

​ Freedom to suit your taste

Thickness about 15mm 

​ A corner of the living room or a Western-style room without discomfort!


​place tatami

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