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​Power of Tatami

​Tatami is an important culture of Japan. More than 90% of the igusa used in tatami mats is produced in the Yatsushiro region of Kumamoto Prefecture, but also in the Kuma and Uki regions of Japan.

​ What is rush?


​Rush has been one of the plants throughout Japan since ancient times. Another name: Toshinso, the wick in the stem has the property of absorbing oil, so it was widely used as a wick for lanterns and candles in the era when there was no electricity. It was also valued as a medicinal herb with various effects during the Edo period.

About 4,000 to 7,000 rushes are used for one tatami mat.

The higher the quality, the greater the number, thicker and more durable.

​The length of the rush is about 100 to 150 cm.

​Tatami function ①
​ cool in summer and warm in winter

The center of the rush is spongy and absorbs moisture. Moreover, if the air is dry, it will expel the moisture it contains.

Therefore, it feels smooth and comfortable on the tatami mats in the summer.

The rush also contains air, and since the core of the tatami mat also contains a lot of air, it keeps hot air out in the summer and cold air out in the winter, providing excellent heat retention and saving energy. increase.

和室 川の字ごろ寝.jpg
天然 空気清浄機

Function of tatami ②
​ Absorbs odors and cleans the air

​Rush not only absorbs moisture from the air, but also odors and other gases, so it cleans the air in the room. It's not just your imagination that makes you feel refreshed in a tatami room.

Function of tatami ③
​ Absorbs sound too! ?

Tatami mats have many layers of fine air. The great thing about tatami mats is that the layers absorb even sound.

​ It moderates noisy sounds inside and outside the house, such as crying children, TV sounds, crying cars and pets.

子育て 介護 衝撃緩和

Effect of tatami ①
Shock absorption! Safe for babies

Tatami mats that are new and have a sponge function have cushioning performance. For example, when you fall down, it's a good thing that the impact is less than when you fall down on the flooring.

​Using it in a space for children to play or a living space for grandparents can reduce the risk of injury in an emergency.

Effect of tatami ②
​ Relax and concentrate!

The main component of the scent of rush is phytoncide, a substance called "forest scent", which has a relaxing effect. It is also recommended that you use it in your study room, etc., because it is known that the scent that relaxes you moderately also has the effect of increasing your concentration.

リラックス効果 集中力向上 勉強部屋

Tatami effect ③
​Antimicrobial action


​It has been recognized to have antibacterial effects against athlete's foot, salmonella, and staphylococcus aureus. Just by living on tatami mats, you can get rid of foot odor.

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