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​ Tatami store with first-class tatami craftsmanship

​Installed by qualified craftsmen

​high quality

Tatami making which is a national qualificationFirst-class skilled workerWe are proud of our high-quality tatami mats made from the technical skills of our tatami craftsmen and domestic natural rush. In recent years, we also specialize in tatami mats made of Japanese paper and resin-processed materials, colorful tatami mats that match modern Japanese-style and Western-style rooms, and highly designed half and thin tatami mats.

​Same day delivery available

morning of the dayPick up at,It will be processed and delivered on the same day.Even if the room to be retatami is used as a bedroom, you can go to bed as usual that night. In the case of replacing with new tatami mats, after the dimensions are measured, the tatami mats are returned to their original state, and after they are made, the old tatami mats are replaced with the new tatami mats, so the room will not be unavailable for more than a day. ​

​Proposal ability that makes use of qualifications

​Our craftsmen"Healthy Housing Advisor"We can propose the best tatami mats and fusuma after properly diagnosing health-impairing factors not only in tatami but also in the living environment. moreoversecond-class architect,Level 2 construction managementtechnical testBecause we are also qualified, you can "throw a whole room renovation" such as reupholstering the wall cloth and replacing the kitchen sink.physical therapistMy son, who has a license to work with us, also started working with us, and our ability to make proposals to prevent nursing care and reduce the burden of nursing care tailored to the user when renovating a house has become a strength.

Our thin half tatami mat without edge
How to make​

Changes in the shape of tatami mats
畳 縁ナシ畳

​General creation method

縁ナシ薄畳 作成方法

​Our creation method

縁ナシ薄畳 圧着 作成方法

In the previous production method, it was too thin to sew the tatami facing, so it was fixed with strong double-sided tape or tucker.

CurrentlyWith the introduction of the latest machines, the tatami floor and tatami facing can be fully crimped with heat.​ is now possible. As a result, it became possible to create safer tatami mats without the need to use tucker, etc., and because the entire surface is glued, stress such as slippage is not applied, leading to improved durability.

​​ Tomoki Shinomiya


◆ Acquisition qualification

​ physical therapist

​​Mitsuyo Shinomiya

Representative and Accountant

​ Nao Shinomiya

​site manager

◆ Acquisition qualification

First-class tatami mat production technician

second-class architect

Second-class construction management engineer

Healthy Housing Advisor

​ Vocational training instructor

畳替え リフォーム ふすま 障子 和室 三郷 吉川 越谷 草加 八潮 流山 野田 柏 足立
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