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Domestic tatami surface used

​​Popular tatami replacement price

natural tatami mat
table change

chemical table
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◆ Recommended

Japanese paper front

7,840 yen + tax/1 tatami mat

◆Most popular

Japanese paper front silver white color

10,054 yen + tax/1 tatami mat

​​Half tatami edgeless tatami mat

◆ Recommended

Japanese paper surface area Construction material type III

11,375 yen + tax / 1 sheet ~

◆Most popular

Washi surface Seiryu color

​Building material III

​13,468 yen + tax/1 sheet

◆ Recommended

Domestic hemp cotton W A rank

11,000 yen + tax/1 tatami mat

◆Most popular

Domestic hemp cotton W special rank

​ 12,500 yen + tax/1 tatami mat

畳替え 襖張り替え 障子張り替え 網戸張り替え
国産畳表 絢葉 抗菌 抗ウイルス 抗カビ

Product list

Japanese paper frontRecommended with edge

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Japanese paper frontRimless recommended


Resin tableRecommended with edge

Resin tableRimless recommended

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